This is the indispensable link of teamwork in the service of our customers.

Confidence in practice: 
When several teammates at Aube Conseil carry out a mission together, they rely on the complementary skills of each other to create value for customers. 

The team members know that even during the most difficult moments, to "tell it like it is" among themselves

To enhance mutual trust within the team, team members regularly take some time to plan for positive and constructive feed back. 



In a changing world, it's the indispensable condition for staying connected to reality and thus being relevant to our customers

The practice of being open: 
Team members, by the materials that they read/study, their discussions and writings, are aware of the latest developments in their areas of expertise 

Team members are open to ideas and different points of view from their own and seek to understand them

Team members are always looking to "rub up against" the ideas of others: They have as "base camp" open co-working space, Café Conseil, which allows them to be open to other ideas and other skills 


The rigor of work between team members is a must in the business of strategic consulting and management because it results in our credibility to support our customers

Rigor in practice:

Team members working on the same file mutually agree to meet common deadlines

Team members are committed to collectively creating value with the aim of exceeding client expectations

Team members respect the availability of each before committing to a client


Have fun working between team members is essential to collective performance and this makes our customers "part of the gang!"

Fun in practice:

Team members are all convinced that we can talk about serious things without being too serious

Team members promote a positive and enthusiastic attitude

Team members know how to have fun in new and friendly places, whether by exchange ideas, sharing a meal or working together

Team members know how to sit back and laugh about past situations even if they were rather difficult

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