Aube Conseil is a consultancy in strategy and management. We assist the management teams of French and Canadian companies in the development of sustainable performance.

Our customers ask us to engage with them on all the strategic business issues; from financial issues and products/markets to cost optimization, organization and leadership and also with culture, governance and brand positioning issues, innovation, and service differentiation.

Our convictions lead us naturally to think that the 'gateway' business strategy must be one of the experience of client and collaborator that will drive the company's overall performance, thus allowing it to respond naturally to the other strategic issues. It is for this reason that we passionately assist our clients with their strategic projects in customer experience management.

We are also convinced that, whatever the strategic challenge that the company wants to meet, transformation is a path that must be supported at both the level of the leader as well as with his management team and through the entire business. This is what we call Organizational Development (OD).

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