Support of the Corporate University n a major player of the automobile industry – deploying its strategic project (framing of architecture, preparation, direction and project steering of the seminars of deployment with managers)

Support of the steering committee for the Customer Relationship project of a major player in real estate (framing, support project manager, preparation, facilitation and synthesis of meetings)

Supporting Human Resources Branch of a major player in the clothing industry in the evolution of his strategy, his managerial framework and his socio-organizational values (management referential, anchoring of values, seminars on deployment)

Support of project steering committee (Customer Experience Management project, deployment of values project, digital culture development project,
post-merger/acquisition , etc...)

•Framing of the composition, objectives and terms of project 

Supporting the project manager

Preparation, animation and synthesis of meetings

•Creation of Dashboard monitoring of the strategic plan

•Supporting specific projects
Support of the Human Resources Department
in support of strategic projects

•Measurement and Analysis of the mobilization of employees (Levers of fulfillment)

•Evolution of the management standard 

•Evolution of HR processes (Recruitment, evaluation, recognition) 

•Strategy of development of managerial skills 

Anchoring approach to socio-organizational values
of employees in support of strategic project


Deployment of a strategic project
within the organization

Support for the management team in the 
deployment of a strategic project

•Identification of technological issues in the deployment
of a strategic project 

•Preparation and facilitation of a forum with key managers
in the company 

•Framing of seminars to deploy the strategic project (action learning), in connection with other programs of the Corporate University – direction and project steering of the program

Internal deployment strategy
(including digital tools)

Management team

Customer experience


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