•Support for 3 years of managementteam, "Major Accounts and Communication" in a major player in real estate, as part of its Client Relationship project (mission, organization, management, plans of action, coaching of the director)

•Support of the annual seminar of the tax department from a major player in the insurance industry

•Support for 1 year of dynamic and cohesion - management team of a major player in home automation (framing, meeting attendance, support of director)

Individualized support of the CEO
(or head of an entity)

Individual meetings with the executive about strategic, organizational and managerial issues,
within the company ("trusted advisor")

•Exchanges with the executive about operational management (« bouncing wall »)

Individual Coaching of the executive (with a certified coach)
Executive team - thoughts on values, ambition,
vision, joint organization, corporate governance
(or entity)

Individual meetings with each member
of the Executive Committee

Strategic alignment seminars with the management team
(including issues related to team cohesion and leadership) 

Formalization of organizational and managerial
strategic elements, 
from the session

Dynamics and cohesion of the management team
of the company (or entity)

•Support in framing and organization of management
team meetings

•Attendance at meetings of the management team during
the period of implementation in order to give constructive
feedback on the team's dynamics and cohesion

Team Coaching (with a certified coach)

Annual strategic management team seminars
of the whole company (or entity)

•Framing the objective of the annual seminar of the management team with the director (possibly extended to all employees) 

Preparation, animation and synthesis of the annual seminar

Management team

Customer experience


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