•Support for 3 years of Management of the Customer Experience project by a major player in online banking (Dimensions of experience, Client Strategy Experience, frames of reference, commitments)

•Support for an innovation service project by a major player in consumer credit (Customer experience, shadowing, experience design)

•Support for Management of the Customer Experience project from a major Canadian pharmaceutical group (customer journey, dimensions of experience)

•Support of the Customer Experience Management project by an important figure of the Retail Council of Canada (Customer Experience strategy, course reviews, frame of reference, measure of mobilization of employees)

Analysis of the "Voice of the Customer"
/ Customer Insights

•Analysis of expressed client expectations
(Existing surveys expectations / satisfaction,
summaries of focus groups, comments, complaints) 

•Analysis of the unexpressed feelings immersion in employee experience - « Shadowing » method from
« Service Design Thinking »

•Participatory analysis and recommendations on methods
for raising the voice of the customer
Analysis of the "Voice of the collaborator"
/ Employee Insights

•Analysis of the employee of expectations
(Engagement surveys or existing social climate,
sociological studies) 

•Analysis of the unexpressed feelings immersion in employee experience - « Shadowing » method from
« Service Design Thinking »

Diagnosis - Customer Experience Management
(CEM assessment)

Diagnosis by interviews and documentary analysis
of strategic priorities, brand platform, level of description
of the customer journey and moments of truth, current formulation
of desired customer experience, ways of project steering, impact
of client culture, the terms of measure and the current declination
in processes of different departments - particularly in training, evaluation and recruitment.

Formalization of customer experience

Participatory workshops to develop the customer
multichannel experience
 identifying the moments of truths
(including emotional curves) 

•Analysis and formalization of specific
digital customer experience

Support in the development of customer
experience strategy

Cross-analysis of the expectations of both clients and staff, analysis of the competition, connection with strategy,
with the socio-organizational values and brand promise 

•Identification of dimensions of the desired customer experience 

Participatory formalization of the customer experience strategy ("What the company wants its clients to experience")
Support with the operational implementation
of the desired Customer Experience

•Participatory and creative meetings in order to develop "frames of reference" that identify evidence of delight delight at key moments on the customer journey (workshops about design and prototyping of experience from "Service Design Thinking") 

•Support of taking steps in participatory innovation to identify and formalize the evidence of delight at key moments on the customer journey (workshops about design and prototyping of experience from "Service Design Thinking")

•Identification of differentiating customer commitments and holders of the customer experience strategy 

•Identificationof indicators to measure the customer experience (client dashboard)

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Customer experience


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