The 2025-2045 period will be characterized by the return of humanistic values which will enable rebuilding after a crisis period

According to Strauss and Howe's theory, developed in their book entitled "The Fourth Turning", which was notably adopted by Augustin de Romanet when he was Director of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, an 80-year schedule has been reproduced in an undisturbed way for the last 500 years, across 26 generations, based on four stages that are approximately equal in length:

• The "High": characterized by strong moral values which enable rebuilding after a crisis period (1945-1965)
• The "Awakening": a period of euphoria and spiritual revolution during which individual values regain the upper hand over collective values (1965-1985)
• The "Unraveling": the consecration of individualism and the loss of values (1985-2005) • The "Crisis": questioning the principles of society (2005-2025) We must now therefore prepare for the next "high" which will arrive in around 2025, knowing that a number of the principles of modern society must be challenged, and preparing for the return of humanistic values at the heart of our economic activity.

What if you decided to go back to basics today?
To return to the very essence of what your company really is :
a group of people who want to work together , with a common goal, and the desire to please customers!
Idealistic, I hear you say? Why ever not?
In these uncertain times, is it not the time to return to the simple things,
to reasonable control of short, medium and long-term growth?

Aube Conseil provides you with simple support on the way to such sustainable growth,
with the firm belief that we are on the cusp of profound changes to the way people do business :
Humanistic economics, Positive economics, and Workable economics..

Aube Conseil aims to gather all of these positive energies in order to assist businesses
with the humanistic evolution of society.

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