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"Officers , management by values ​​or how to control the collective intelligence by the values ​​in the 21st century ?" The values ​​are the backbone of the company. They serve as guides and references to the behaviors of employees. Daily all the doings of the company find their meaning , their coloration in these " espoused " values ​​by employees . They authority to organize collective action. The initiative is possible in a given context . The "declared" values ​​fall only discourse and often only a willingness to branch rather than a majority of employees. The speed is delayed by timeless business values ​​( ever-present ) .

From this, the first to be convinced are the leaders , just the obligation exemplary related to their function. The twenty-first century , they become leaders " serving leader ." For some it looks like a cultural revolution !

In business , the major changes are due to 2 or 3 people who decide to change things and that "those who are authoritative are those that increase you (personally) " ( Michel Serres ) . Being a Servant Leader is to be a leader in business and on the way , this path is shared . A Servant Leader has an optimistic vision of progress - it was fun to do a good job , soothes relations, is an actor of his destiny and believes the role of enterprise integration . He has a sense of service. He serves others to serve the needs of the company. He knows that the company needs a strong culture to encourage cooperation and creates a collective service dynamics. In everyday life, it is with his heart, his head and guts consistent with their personal values ​​, professional values ​​and those of the company. It is curious and aware of changes in the world , recognizes the intelligence of others and seeks to reveal its full potential. It creates a favorable environment for creativity , makes you want to give meaning and is always looking to engage the changes.

This posture of servant pushes his employees to do the same for customers and allows the company to prosper. What is difficult to create is difficult to imitate !


«Founder of Talentissima Consulting in 1999, after 10 years of Human Resources management of international groups and 7 years of teaching...»

She motivates and guides leaders in value-based management of collective intelligence. She is convinced that the consistency of the company and its operations with targeted values is a key asset for the future of the company, in the interest of customers, employees and investors. 

Her exterior and relevant view of structures, her sharpness of analysis of personnel and organizations, her enthusiasm, always ready to listen, her sense of humor, all of these allows Agnès to focus on the best of leaders and teams. She works in French or English. 

Constantly aware of what's going on, she is a member of international professional networks so that she is able to further enhance her practices and reflections with clients. Agnès is co-author of "L'ENTREPRISE HUMANISTE," Management by values (Editions Ellipses)


With Executive Committees or family shareholders
-Federate management teams around a shared vision-ambition...
-Define managerial values and practices 
-Motivate employees with strong values
-Facilitate cooperation in a multicultural management team
-Reduce fractures of dialogue with employees and live in "good intelligence" with management and labor
With leaders:
- Express their vision-ambition, co-constructing this with their team and further developing by the teams
-As a business leader, to step back and clarify one's business plan
-Strengthen leadership at all levels of the company so that the company values are espoused by employees 
-Tailor-made design and conduct "leadership development" seminars

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